Araven is a young and dynamic company that already has more than 30 years of history. Its strong international renown and innovative character mean that it offers solutions that exceed the market’s expectations thanks to the proactivity and dynamism of its team, which is clearly customer orientated.

In its vocation to tend to its customers’ every need, ARAVEN has a double mission:

  1. To help people and professionals to simplify and improve their day to day dealings by offering them storage and organisation solutions for all types of objects, items, food, etc.
  2. To be a world-class leading company in the development of solutions to make transporting shopping more comfortable for the consumer.

Araven produces practically all of its products in Europe, strongly respecting the ethical principles that establish values and guidelines with an environmental, health and safety responsibility towards people. Our integrity and that of our customers is our priority.


ARAVEN S.L. · Pol. Industrial Malpica, Calle E nº 7 · 50057 · Zaragoza · España · Tel 976465200 · ·
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